Smarter. Tougher. Lighter.


Flexible in all situations

TITANFLEX material combinations are ten times as flexible as conventional spring steel.

Higher durability for everyday use

TITANFLEX glasses are ready for top performances; something you may be glad of after casually putting your glasses into your jacket or accidentally sitting on them.

Light as a feather

Glasses are up to one third lighter than conventional frames. You will notice this as soon as you hold them in your hands.

Memory effect

After deformation, your glasses return to their original form. Not just once – always. This ensures that your glasses will fit comfortably at all times.

Precisely formed for a perfect fit

Your TITANFLEX glasses can be adapted perfectly to your head shape. Here the correct fitting pressure is not generated by bending the hinges, but far more accurately via the material itself.


Frames delight wearers through their high level of comfort, but also through their timelessly modern style. Intelligent material combinations permit designs worth seeing.

New frames 2017
3 variants available
Item Number: 820719_20 Colour: gold matt
3 variants available
Item Number: 820720_00 Colour: silver
3 variants available
Item Number: 820721_10 Colour: black
3 variants available
Item Number: 820722_10 Colour: black matt
3 variants available
Item Number: 820723_10 Colour: black matt
4 variants available
Item Number: 820724_10 Colour: black
3 variants available
Item Number: 820725_10 Colour: black matt / black
3 variants available
Item Number: 820726_10 Colour: black matt / black
3 variants available
Item Number: 820727_30 Colour: dark gun matt / grey
3 variants available
Item Number: 820728_10 Colour: black matt / black
3 variants available
Item Number: 820729_10 Colour: black semi matt
3 variants available
Item Number: 820730_10 Colour: black matt
3 variants available
Item Number: 820731_30 Colour: dark gun matt
3 variants available
Item Number: 820732_10 Colour: black matt
3 variants available
Item Number: 820733_20 Colour: gold satin
3 variants available
Item Number: 820734_10 Colour: black matt
2 variants available
Item Number: 823007_52 Colour: burgundy


TITANFLEX sunglasses can also ensure that you look completely cool on sunny days. The level of comfort is a delight, and the design represents restrained casualness.

New sunglasses 2017
Item Number: 824074_20_4041 Colour: light gold satined
Item Number: 824075_30_4031 Colour: dark gun
Item Number: 824080_30_1039 Colour: granit
Item Number: 824085_00_4031 Colour: silver matt
Item Number: 824086_10_4061 Colour: gold
Item Number: 824086_30_4031 Colour: silber
Item Number: 824087_00_1037 Colour: silver matt
Item Number: 824087_20_4041 Colour: light gold matt
Item Number: 824088_10_4041 Colour: black matt
Item Number: 824088_30_4031 Colour: dark gun matt

Daniel Abt Sunglasses Collection

TITANFLEX is the team and technical partner of the ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport Team. These two technological brands fit perfectly together. In this way, Formula E racing drivers and the TITANFLEX brand ambassador Daniel Abt have inspired glasses developers to create an excitingly-dynamic sunglass collection. Speed, temperament and passion meet design and wearing comfort – just the right combination for born winners.

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The original.
Uncontested since 1988.

TITANFLEX revolutionised the glasses market in 1988 – and these innovative glasses are still considered the best quality memory titanium glasses on the market today.

Raw materials from the earth’s core.

Pure titanium is one of the ten most frequent elements found in the earth’s crust, and yet its extraction is complicated. The mineral has to be exposed to various chemical processes in order to obtain the metal. Only complex processes make this material so valuable.

Material for visionary ideas.

Memory titanium alloys have resulted from in-depth research, conducted for example by the NASA or the US Navy. The shape memory alloy is for example used in aerospace applications, in ship-building, in medical technology or in robot technology. In addition, researchers are constantly developing new areas of application, in particular regarding revolutionary future technologies.

Not every memory titanium is automatically TITANFLEX.

High-quality glasses made from memory titanium and bearing the name TITANFLEX have always been generated through engineering artwork and design competence. For this purpose, the base material is subjected to a stringently-inspected thermomechanical treatment and refinement process. The selection of the material processed in combination with TITANFLEX also influences the high quality.

Designed with experience. Created with style. Produced by hand.

TITANFLEX glasses frames are designed, constructed and developed in Nuremberg (Germany). The designers orientate themselves on the company’s long-standing experience values, as ESCHENBACH has conducted intensive research and development into anatomy and wearing behaviour for decades. Only the best of all the prototypes tested are christened with the name TITANFLEX and actually reach the optician’s store. The glasses are produced to 80 % in manual craftsmanship by certified manufacturers in order to guarantee the high quality of the original.